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Login to the FASB Codification Standards use either Firefox or Chrome and use the following address: http:// a research paper investigating the reporting requirements corcerning the valuation and impairment of Goodwill under US GAAP. This paper must also discuss the similarities and differences regarding valuation and impairment of goodwill between US GAAP and international reporting standards. The paper must be at a minimum 7 double- spaced written pages( plus bibliography and the necessary) discussing current US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards. The paper should (1) be professional appearing(2) be well written with respect to proper grammar and usage (3) have necessary citations and(4)do a through job with the required Merchanics( Grammar sentences structure spelling punctuation citation of secondary sources) Technique( organization and development support for ideas clarity conciseness conclusion or executive summary Composing the message( selecting the proper form of communication for audience and purpose collecting info from appropriate sources Impact( proofreading appearance and layout of the document)Primarily you should look up the specific standards from the original text( precodification standards and existing GAAP/IFRS( with Full Citation in paper) rather than only citing a secondary source that discuss GAAP or iGAAP( although these secondary sources should be used in discussions of the accounting standards through the paper)PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO YOUR OWN WORDS USING THE LINK I PROVIDE ABOVE ON THE TOP WITH USERNAME & PASSWORD PLEASE DO NOT COPY FROM ANY SOURCE or INTERNET NO PLAGIARISM FROM ANY SOURCE This research paper I have to submit through “TURNITIN” that check PLAGIARISM and SIMILARRITIES. I BEG you PLEASE help me out to write research paper using your own words otherwise I will FAIL rightaway